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The main profile of our company is general contracting, which includes the construction of new buildings and family houses and the remodelling and renovation of older structures by request, while we perform estrich-style concreting operations, posterior insulation, waterproofing and panelling and siding works as well. Our performance is supported by a reliable group of sub-contractors. In order to secure the suitable professional background when we perform mechanical engineering, electrical, water and heating works, we cooperate with trusted and skilful contractors with whom we have been working together for years. Our partners, Édenkert Real Estate Office (link) and Édenkert Credit Office, help our work with their real estate business and sale activities deployed according to the needs of our clients.

We place special emphasis on the satisfaction of our partners and clients, in addition to maintaining long-standing cooperation and establishing professional and personal relationships relying 

As a result of the abovementioned we have built and renovated several family houses and public buildings since the establishment of our company, and we have been very active over the past couple of years as well.

Our major priorities are quality, reliability, quick reactivity and high-level innovative thinking, all of them assured by a mixture of our young employees and our vast professional and personal experience.

The managing director of CSIZI-BAU Ltd., Zoltán Csizmadia, has been working in the building industry for more than 20 years. He spent 6 years in Germany studying new building techniques, which enabled him to gain comprehensive knowledge and genuine professional experience. After his return to Hungary he started his own enterprise, which lead to the establishment of CSIZI-BAU Ltd. in 2001.

The reliable work of the company is professed – among others - by STRABAG-MML Kft. and ALTERRA Ltd., with whom we have been working as partners for years. Examples of our work can be found in virtually every major construction activity, building project or apartment house development performed in the region, ranging from smaller construction works to complete general contracting.

We wish that we can offer our services to You as well in the future!